Vostok-Europe N1 Rocket Review

| January 18, 2018

hey guys injured with my watch addictionI can't bring you another unboxing video for a watch that I received from thewatching wheel of watches now in case you didn't see it on Black Friday 2017 Itook a spin at the wheel and won three different watches this is going to beone of those watches not exactly sure which one it is but we'll find out yourGeass decide before we open this though guys do me a favor right down there inthe right hand corner of the screen is that subscribe button go ahead and smashthat little guy once you subscribe you're going to be alerted on January1st 2018 at 12 p.


that I have a new video posted that new video is going tobe watch that I've been looking for for a while and finally got my hands on kindof excited about but more importantly in that video I'm going to show you guyshow you can win one of my watches so definitely stick around get your chanceof winning a free watch alright so let's get this guy open now as I may havementioned we already reviewed the hair Pisces wash hold pays back so we knowit's not that one so this watch is either going to be the Vostok n1 rocketor it's going to be that on Cesana sassari transit and this looks like it'sgonna be the pasta but now what's interesting is we have styrofoam forpacking which is cool in this guy open we have the 2 year limited warranty cardthat came with it and then we have the Vostokso if we open this guy up and take what we haveand get her down there is the Bostock and one rocket so taking a closer lookat this n1 rocket from Vostok Europe I started to do a little bit of researchwasn't really all that familiar with Vostok Europe in general but theresearch that I've started to take a look at I've figured out that it'sactually a relatively speaking new company however it was based on acompany called Vostok that was originally based inRussia now Vostok Europe is actually based inLithuania and it's not the exact same company as Bostock was which confused meright out of the gate but being a Lithuanian company with Russian roots atits heritage a lot of their watches are designed after Soviet rockets or Sovietmilitary apparatus you know whether it be a submarine or a rocket in thisinstance this watch was named after the rocket and one if we want to talk aboutthe specs on this watch a little bit this is considered a sport diver nowwe've talked about it before I'm not a diver or heavy swimmer anykind so I don't typically use my watches for their intended function other thanjust wearing them I'm I do like divers but I'm not going to be purchasing adiver just for the sake of diving with it anyway this rocket and one isconsidered a sport diver and this is actually using that NH 35 automaticmovement as the calendar date date display I should say at the 6 o'clockposition the one thing I've noticed about boss talks in the past is thenight visible the them are pretty great and I can'twait to get some loom shots of this at the end of the video to see how this guylooks with its super loom on both the hands and the applied indices of thiswatch now you may be able to see later in the video when I take a closer lookat it with you the applied indices it's pretty pretty sharp the dial color isblack has screw down prom with a unidirectional chrome bezel on itthis is 3/16 L surgical stainless steel just like the majority of watch casestoday the Kate's width of this watch is 46 millimeters now that 46 millimetersas I mentioned in previous videos 44 or 45 seemed to be my sweet spot as far aswatch size so this one's just on the hairy edge of outside of the sweet spoton watches that I like so I'll be interesting to see how this wears andhow this feels on my wrist the case thickness of this watch is 17millimeters thick so it's a little bit on the thicker side but not horrible Imean I definitely think I'm going to be able to wear this watch with pretty muchany outfit without a clearance issue the strap material is leather on this theband at the love measurements is 22 millimeters as we've talked about thepast 22 millimeters 24 millimeters that's what I prefer at the at the logfor watch strap size and it does have a buckle strap the water resistance forthis watch is 5 atm but again with leather band and beingthe owner of this watch this watch will never see any dive time if we take alook at how much this watch costs I'm finding finding it available in a fewdifferent places first and foremost whenever I'm lookingfor a Bostock one of the big big websites that deals with vostok orRussian or European made watches in general a lot of times is a websitecalled r2 a watches con and I believe that stands for Russia to all it'sbasically a website that sells a lot of these vostokwatches now they have this model the Vostok Europe n1 rocket Russian watchwith the NH 35 a movement they have it for 320 $9.

00they are currently out of stock for this watch though but that's a good startingpoint to figure out what the value is on the swatch so as always I jump over toAmazon as well there is a seller on Amazon selling this watch for $290 I'msorry two hundred and ninety-four dollars this watch is available for anyAmazon and then finally as always gotta check out eBay eBay there's currentlyone of these watches available for two hundred and ninety one dollars andseventy-five cents now this does look like potentially yeah this watch isbeing sold out of Canada so there's an exchange rate there but in the 290dollar ranges what this watches is going for now with that at age 35 movementwith the build quality of this watch I'm not necessarily sure I would pay over$300 for this watch but I would personally feel comfortable paying twohundred two hundred and fifty dollars for this watch if you can get this watchfor under $200 if you can get it he'll if you can get it for under 150 dollarsI would say absolutely snatch up this watch because it's gonna be in myopinion anyway which doesn't mean a whole lot but in my opinion it's gonnabe a great deal all the way around one other interesting thing to know is thiswatch actually was is available I should say with color different variations tothe strap now they do make a metal bracelet for this watch which you canget from Bostock or you can add any metal bracelet you want but it did alsocome from the factory with metal bracelet or a silicone bracelet or aNATO strap so depending on the part number you selected and the accessoriesyou selected that's what this watch would comedirectly from Bostock Europe alright guys so that's the m1 rocket fromBostock Europe that I received as part of my watch King wheelspin there we lookwatches for Black Friday 2017 overall I'm a huge fan of this watch especiallyat this price point this watch looks to be like it's going to be very verycomfortable and fit very nicely into my daily rotation if you guys come backtomorrow around the same time you'll be able to see a nother watch that I'mreviewing and another one after that every day at 12:00 p.


up until January1st 2018 On January 1st 2018 as I mentioned special video to me becauseit's a watch I've been looking for but more importantly to you it's going togive you guys a chance to win one of my watches anyway guys going to wrap it upnow stick around to the end of the video and you'll be able to see some close-uppictures of this beauty as always you can follow us on Instagram / watch dishin us or hit me up on the website at my watch addiction calm thank you guys andhave a great day.