Timex Expedition T49931- Timex T49932 watches

| January 18, 2018


whowatch my channel of courseknows these watches.

In the previous video, I asked a question about these watches.

I posted that video the day before yesterday.

and you think that nowin This video I'll answer to that question response to theI have a question asked.

in factit is not so.

Today will be justreview of these watches.

exectly these twomodels but tomorrow ittomorrow it will be video I promised and you will know the answerto that question that sounded.

I'll tell you a secret about which nobody tells the web SoSee tomorrow's video! today.

todayjust an overview hours.

So in review the Timex Expedition T49931 & Timex T49932 As can be seen, watch outa product range let's look atthem closer So begin.

heresuch nice watches Today in review I'll letshow both at once model to youcompared.

The watch has a plastichousing aluminum bezel top bezel is made of the same color as the strap.

green military colorhere silver-gray strap and correspondingly aluminum bezelsilver gray too.

diameter of the body is44 millimeters thickness 10mm watches are very light They weigh about 50 grams let's seethe back cover back cover made of stainless steel it screwed byfour screws 50m water resistance Expedition Logo as well as has information aboutbattery Lithium battery CR 2016no more interesting informationthere is no Nylon Strap it is madevery high quality this is not sufficiently dense thin material Here's how it's done all enough qualitatively metal bukle Here's a straplooks close it is thick enough i.


atAs he did not thin Now we go back to the dial The dial is painted in the color of the strap and bezel color.

allocated contrasting handsalso contrasting hour markers color of the hands hereare bright orange orange colorallocated hour markers on 3 6 9 12:00 Here we have used the lemon color.

there is a mechanism quick-set date glass isAcrylic pay attentionglass made flush with housing it does not protrude above the surface the handsabsolutely have no lyumonofora but they suffered alight material that looks verycontrastly and even in the twilight they areclearly visible Also watch is equipped with originalIndiglo backlight I'll show you later but what is left.

View your watch on my hand and showyou backlight Here's your watch.

very stylishlook i like it very much I also want to add that It's very light as to watch of this size they hardly felt on the hand.

Well, let's look at the second model.

That's the second one on the hand.

That's how itlooks the same sensationsmost Now look atbacklight well, there is simply nothingsay.

Everything is fine as you can see herelittle not so bright lightsdue to the fact that it have darker face shows once again that's all.

this reviewfinish.

see tomorrow's video, itwill reply and important informationwhich I do not repeatI will.


all the while.

to new video.

 till tomorrow.