Robert Downey Jr’.s Watch Collection

| January 18, 2018

This is Watch Your Style.

Today's collection that I'm gonna be judging,I mean reviewing, is Robert Downey Jr.

[opening music] So Robert Downey Junior has made it big inHollywood as we can all see.

As far as his collection goes, I think itneeds some work, but nevertheless, he is a bonafide watch enthusiast.

And I wanna say that there's different typesof guys in this game.

You got the hardcore collectors and just theguys that like watches, that maybe are not so heavy deep into the game.

The first watch that I've seen in his collectionand remember guys, this is composed of just pictures that I've seen on the Internet.

I have not sat down with Mr.

Robert Downeyand seen exactly his collection in his safe.

But the first one that caught my attentionis he has a Baume & Mercier.

Very simple watch.

Not much value there, but it seems to be moreof a sentimental piece and I think anybody that has any sort of watch collection, whetherit's high-end or low-end, has that one watch that has a sentimental value.

So it's kind of how you get the ball rolling.

Maybe it's something you got as a gift a longtime ago or it's just, like I said, something that's just special to you.

Another watch he has is the Breitling Pathfinder.

This again is a watch that's kind of likea beginner watch.

There are some hardcore Breitling fans andthey would probably go more for the vintage.

But that's just going more on the lower endof his collection would be the the Breitling Pathfinder.

From there, he follows up with a Bell & Rosstitanium orange.

Now, Bell & Ross is a very specific watchfor me.

I feel like they had a bit of a time therewhere they were in fashion with their whole avionics instrumentation look.

It's a cool looking watch, just not sure ifhe probably wears it that much anymore either.

But I guess that's part of having some watches.

Everybody's got some watches you don't wearanymore, but you just have them for some reasons just sitting there, perhaps maybe later onyou'll start wearing them again.

Now another watch that he has, which to meis when he starts getting more into the collectibles in the more of the actual Watch Game collectible,would be his Omega Speedmaster.

You know, it's an iconic watch.

I have a Broad Arrow myself put away thatI've never worn, but it's just a good watch to have.

I mean, Omeaga is a reputable brand.

It has a lot history and the Speedmaster isan important watch.

So that's kind of where he starts gettinginto the more desirable models.

Now, when it comes to Rolex, I feel like everybodyhas to have according and depending what they want, ends up having a Rolex of some sort.

He has actually a Submariner Hulk.

I'm sure he uses that often and it's alwaysa good choice have a good stainless steel Sub.

Another watch that he has is a Rolex GMT BamfordPVD.

Now when it comes to the black watches inthe whole PVD craze, Bamford is the premiere guys for this type of customization.

If you wanna bespoke Rolex with some typeof attitude or customization, Bamford is the one to go to.

Beware of the prices.

They'll take a $7,000 Sub into the $20,000range.

But as you can see his collection kind ofstarts getting a little bit more serious.

That's a bit more of a commitment piece there.

That's not just a pick-up-and-go piece atyour local AD, so good for him.

I feel like it's something that kind of tookit to the next level.

And then finally he has this JLC Amvox 3 TourbillonGMT.

I have no idea how he ended up with that watch,but I feel like it was kind of like a jump.

I mean man, the guy bought a tourbillon.

That's already when you start getting intomore serious brands.

JLC is a brand that I love.

I haven't had the time to do many reviewson that brand, but there are definitely a serious watch brand.

JLC has a lot of attention to detail and theyhave very unique pieces and it's that watch that for me kind of started to put this collectioninto like, OK he's got some more serious watches here.

It's a bit more than just a couple of giftand random watches he's had from perhaps maybe his childhood.

I don't know.

And the last but least he's got the Patek5712.

Now, God bless Patek, you know? At this point I think if you get to the pointthat you have a Patek in your collection, I think you're obviously really into watcheswhether if you're all the way or lightly, but he definitely likes watches.

And I'm sure that's probably the one thathe uses most.

So as far as the Watch Game goes, Mr.


in my opinion scores a 5.


He obviously likes watches, but he's not thatthat serious into them and I think that extra half point I'm gonna award it just becausehe won me over on his watch collection video.

At the end of the day, you don't have to havesuch fancy stories or such interesting tales of how you acquired a watch when maybe theywere just a gift or maybe you just randomly bought it.

But I think that a five and a half is an honestscore in the Watch Game.

I think a couple of watches that I think thathe might possibly need or want, maybe perhaps a gold piece in there.

It doesn't have to be rose or yellow, butmaybe a white gold piece.

I mean I think that every man if he doesn'thave already at one point or another, should have a gold watch in their collection.

So feel free to comment below on how you feelabout Robert Downey Junior's watch collection.

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