Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Mens Watch Review

| January 18, 2018

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My name is Eric.

Today I'm going to go over with you a brandthat we have not discussed in the past.

That brand is Omega watches.

So today I have for you another watch frommy personal collection and this watch is the Omega Planet Ocean.

This particular model belongs to the Seamasterseries, not to be confused with the Speedmaster series, which is two different types of linesthat they have.

I always like to think that the Seamastertends to be more of a Submariner line like Rolex, whereas the Speedmaster tends to bemore like the Daytona, more of a driver, car inspired watch.

But, again, today what I have for you is theOmega Seamaster Planer Ocean.

Now, this is a watch that right off the back,when you look at it, it's got size.

I just feel like the one thing that.

The onestatement that this watch makes is size! It has a 45.

5 millimeter case, which is prettybig by today's standards, because lately watches I see are going back to a little bit moreto a normal size, being 45mm would be pushing the limits of the extreme in my opinion.

But, it's basically a very solid heavy, stainlesssteel case that includes a chronograph function with a helium escape valve, so it's a nicelooking watch.

It's a very hardcore dive watch, even thoughI've criticize in the past that AP just came out with the new dive watch, the diver that'schronograph, I don't really agree too much with any dive watch that's a chrono � ButOmega has been around for a while and we can kind of let that one go.

This particular watch is very nice looking.

It's got a nice looking dial.

One thing that I like about is that Omegahas the signature broad arrow hands.

Not every watch comes with it, but this particularwatch if you notice, it has the broad arrow minute and hour hands, which I for one particularlylike.

So, before I go off on a tangent on a bitmore about the details and the whole Watch Game and everything having to do with thePlanet Ocean, one thing I want to tell you is Omega is one of those brands that has asmuch brand recognition as Rolex.

If you haven't heard about Rolex, you've obviouslybeen living under a rock � and I would say that the second brand that has the most recognitionthroughout the world is Omega.

Like, everybody knows about an Omega watch.

And I don't know if part of that has to dowith there long run with James Bond and the whole 007 thing, because, originally, theRolex Submariner was the first James Bond watch, but Omega took over that bid and fromthat point on, and from that point on, it's been Omega.

Has been the official James Bondwatch.

They have that Omega Seamaster 007, whichis actually a pretty nice looking watch.

I've never had one myself in my hand, butI've seen a lot of pictures.

It's a good looking watch.

So, I guess because of that, it's just extremelymarketable.

These past Olympics that just passed, Omegawas the sponsor; so, Omega has always been a very large sponsor of sporting events.

When you're buying an Omega, you're buyinga watch that everybody knows and has plenty of brand recognition.

So, back to the Planet Ocean.

This watch retails for $7,200 and for thatamount of money, you get a lot to go with it.

You get a solid construction steel bracelet.

It has a very nice bracelet.

Rotating bezel, chronograph function, butit also has a manual helium escape valve, as opposed to the Rolex one, which is an automaticescape, which actually just opens up on it's one.

This you have to manually open up to releaseany helium.

To me, it's just a nice looking watch.

Omega has a distinct looking case, the waythat they shape the edges on all their cases, it has a distinct look.

This watch, the only thing that I never likedabout this watch and is why it sat in my safe for a long time, it's very heavy.

To me, it's almost heavier or just as heavyas the Deepsea, which maybe just for me and my size, I just find it a bit heavy.

The dial is nice.

It's got a really nice, overall look on it.

I would say, out of most of the Omegas outthere, this is one of the ones that I like the most.

The other one that I also like is the newSpeedmaster line that comes in all black ceramic.

That's a great looking watch and it's gota kevlar strap.

That's one that's grabbed my attention.

At least in the last couple of years, it'sone of the Omegas that's caught my attention.

But, nevertheless, this is a great startedwatch.

If you're looking to buy something that'sin the under-$5,000 range, this is a great watch to look.

Used Omegas, there's a lot of savings outthere when you buy a used Omega.

With a retail of $7,200, I personally wouldwant to be in the area of $4,000 or less when I would buy this model, with our without thepapers or anything.

That doesn't really matter, because there'sa ton of Omegas out there for sale.

It's one of those watches that has a lot ofbrand recognition, but it's not going to hold it's value as good as a Rolex, of course � but,nevertheless, you get a lot of watch for your money.

A lot of watch! Now, as far as the Watch Game goes, this isa watch that I see it more as a beginner, entry-lever collector watch.

So, if you're looking to get into collectingwatches and you're trying to perhaps, maybe buy your first watch, you might wanna lookinto Omega.

They got good price points and overall, likeI said, you got good brand recognition, so it's not like you're buying an off brand thatnobody knows.

Everybody knows Omega.

So if you're looking to make your next luxurywatch purchase, feel free to send me an email at [email protected]


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