Luxury Sports Watches

| January 18, 2018

This is Watch Your Style.

Today I'm gonna be doing a review for youon my personal favorite luxury sports watches.

[opening music] So it's good to be back.

We had several delays, with this whole HurricaneIrma thing.

[gushing wind noise] Could only imagine how it was in Miami.

[gushing wind noise] Everybody was going crazy, so.

We had tohandle that first before I could get back to recording my video.

But, what I wanna talk to you today aboutis my personal favorite sports watches.

Now, keep in mind these aren't my Holy Grailsports watches because, if we were talking about my Holy Grail sports watches, they wereprobably be more the AP Schumacher, whether it's in rose gold or titanium or maybe perhapsthe Offshore Tourbillon.

These are more reasonable sports models, youknow? Not the realy high end, crazy, crazy ones.

Now, when I say sports watches, these aremodels that I probably would not wear personally with a suit, mostly because I have other options,OK? Not that there would be anything wrong withwearing any of these with a suit, but just so you kind of understand what I'm tryingto get to.

And let's start off with the budgets.

Now, for anything under $10,000, my personalfavorite would be either the Hulk or the Batman.

I don't have a Batman for you here today,but those would probably be my favorite sports models under ten thousand dollars.

I had the Hulk for many years and then I soldit and got a Batman.

Now, I'm on that Batman trip, but I like themboth equally and I think they're both equally special.

Now, my ultimate sports watch for over $10,000is gonna be the Yacht-Master II stainless steel.

Something about this watch that just doesit for me.

It has size.

It has everything.

In that range of about $14,000, there's nota lot of options.

You could do your homework and yes you canpick up a couple of Royal Oak Offshores for that price, but for me you just can beat thedurability and the versatility of a Yacht-Master II stainless steel.

You can do anything with it.

These are sports watches that I feel you coulduse daily and really put in the use to them.

Just like what I mentioned with the Sub andthe GMT.

These are watches you could wear daily.

Do whatever you want with them, wet'em, beat'emup, but they're overall really strong sports models.

So, when you start to get into the $20,000,from $20k to $23k, my ultimate model would be the yellow gold Sub.

Something about this watch that just doeseverything to me.

I know that it's the only yellow gold watchI have here in this lineup, but it's not the most expensive one.

And for that kind of money, I just feel likeyou can't get anything better.

You got gold.

You got durability.

You got style.

You got tradition.

Something about a gold Sub that, for me personally,I just have a weak spot for it.

So for the $25,000 and up range, I just don'tthink I like anything better than the 44 millimeter forged carbon.

This watch just has everything.

It's light.

It's got exotic materials.

It's an AP.

It looks very stealthy.

It would be really hard for me to choose betweenthe gold Sub and the 44 Carbon, because I like them both evenly.

It's a little tough.

I mean, at the end of the day, I am from Miami,so I probably would end up going with the gold Sub, but I said it countless times, thatthe 44 Carbon is one of my favorite watches of all times.

So any of these four on the table, includingthe Batman, that's currently not here right now, would probably be my favorite luxurysports watch.

So as far as the Watch Game goes, any of thesemodels are heavy hitters.

Obviously, they're all in different bracketsand budgets, but they're all solid models to compete in the watch game.

Yes, the gold one is a bit flashy, but itis a sports model.

It's not a Presi, where it's a bit more formalthan a Sub.

A Sub is still gonna always be very, verysporty.

You gotta keep that in mind.

Even though it's gold, it's as sporty as youcan get.

But in the Watch Game, any one of these watches,would put you in the sports watch game.

Many people have asked me to include the watchthat I'm wearing in the video and today I'm gonna do that for you.

What I have on here is a 44mm AP stainlesssteel Offshore that's is completely customized with the full, flower setting all over thecase and a very, very nicely done baguette bezel.

Something a little bit different, but I kindof like it, believe it or not.

I didn't think I would, but I do.

Feel free to tell me what's your favoritesports model on the comment of this video.

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My name is Eric, Watch Your Style.