Caite Watches Y709L, 8002L, and AD-1625

| January 18, 2018

Hi there guys! Just want to share some of my stuff here.

My Caite Watch Collection! Caite Watches are inexpensive yet they looktrendy and quite durable with its price.

They have several designs to choose from tomatch your everyday lifestyle.

For me, I got these three Caite watches.

First is this Caite Y709L which I bought foronly 399.

This is a Ceramic Strainless Analog watch…the design is just simple but classy and it’s a great match for my everyday smart casualoutfit when I go to work.

The second one is this Caite 8002L It is a classic fashion watch for me, ideal whenI go to malls, or just any activity I do outside.

For the third one, I got Caite AD-1625.

It's my favorite watch and as you can see it’s both digital and analog watch.

Design is quite cool and it’s waterproof.

As far as I know it supports up to 30 metersdeep.

I use this when I go outdoors for joggingand fitness sessions.

I actually plan to add more of these! Provided link below if you want to buy one.

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