Timex Expedition T49931- Timex T49932 watches

Hello. whowatch my channel of courseknows these watches. In the previous video, I asked a question about these watches. I posted that video the day before yesterday. and you think that nowin This video I'll answer to that question response to theI have a question asked. in factit is not so. Today will be justreview of these watches. exectly these twomodels but tomorrow ittomorrow it will be video I promised… Read More »

Wooden Watches For Women

Wood Watch For Men Wooden Watches For WomenUse code SHIP4FREE at checkout- http://thespottydogg. Com/review/wood-watch/ WeWOOD is a leader in sustainable & eco-friendlyfashion accessories. The wooden watches are made from mostly reclaimed scrap wood. WeWOODplants a tree for every watch that is purchased. There partners,American Forests and Trees for the Future, have helped them to plant more than 300,000trees since they began doing business in 2010. The brainchild of an Italian… Read More »

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Mens Watch Review

This is Watch Your Style. My name is Eric. Today I'm going to go over with you a brandthat we have not discussed in the past. That brand is Omega watches. So today I have for you another watch frommy personal collection and this watch is the Omega Planet Ocean. This particular model belongs to the Seamasterseries, not to be confused with the Speedmaster series, which is two different types… Read More »

Caite Watches Y709L, 8002L, and AD-1625

Hi there guys! Just want to share some of my stuff here. My Caite Watch Collection! Caite Watches are inexpensive yet they looktrendy and quite durable with its price. They have several designs to choose from tomatch your everyday lifestyle. For me, I got these three Caite watches. First is this Caite Y709L which I bought foronly 399. This is a Ceramic Strainless Analog watch…the design is just simple but… Read More »

Luxury Sports Watches

This is Watch Your Style. Today I'm gonna be doing a review for youon my personal favorite luxury sports watches. [opening music] So it's good to be back. We had several delays, with this whole HurricaneIrma thing. [gushing wind noise] Could only imagine how it was in Miami. [gushing wind noise] Everybody was going crazy, so. We had tohandle that first before I could get back to recording my video.… Read More »

Astronomia Watches

This is Watch Your Style. Today I'm gonna be reviewing for you guysthe Jacob & Co Astronomia. [opening music] So initially I did a video on reviewing Jacob& Co and the Astronomia and how the whole thing how I was talking about how they'vecome a long way and how absolutely, this new design is what has replaced the image in myhead of what used to be the Five Timezone watch… Read More »

Fortuna Senator SN72420 Watch Review

hey guys is Andrew with my watchaddiction comma bringing you another watch to take a look at with us todaytoday it's a little bit different the respect that this is a watch that I didnot receive from subscription I actually went and searched this watch outprimarily because the maker of this watch is pretty active on social mediahas followed our Instagram page and Instagram / watch addiction on us inlike… Read More »

Robert Downey Jr’.s Watch Collection

This is Watch Your Style. Today's collection that I'm gonna be judging,I mean reviewing, is Robert Downey Jr. [opening music] So Robert Downey Junior has made it big inHollywood as we can all see. As far as his collection goes, I think itneeds some work, but nevertheless, he is a bonafide watch enthusiast. And I wanna say that there's different typesof guys in this game. You got the hardcore collectors… Read More »

Vostok-Europe N1 Rocket Review

hey guys injured with my watch addictionI can't bring you another unboxing video for a watch that I received from thewatching wheel of watches now in case you didn't see it on Black Friday 2017 Itook a spin at the wheel and won three different watches this is going to beone of those watches not exactly sure which one it is but we'll find out yourGeass decide before we open… Read More »